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Personal Freedom Comes from Within.

Waking you to the possibilities

"Your thoughts are like the artist's brush. They create a personal picture of the reality you live in."

Sydney Banks


I am a wife, a mom, and step-mom to a beautiful blended family and I am a Transformational Life and Business Coach since 2010.


My career in service started as a Social Worker after graduating from Penn State University. After six years, I began to get disenchanted with the system of change in place, which felt dis-empowering instead of empowering.


I realized that to be of service to others, I had to do my own work towards feeling empowered and ended up attending the University of Santa Monica to get my Masters in Spiritual Psychology. While at USM, I started my coaching practice and have coached men, women, young adults, business owners, business executives, doctors, and anyone open to being led back to their own personal wisdom and freedom.


More recently, I came upon the 3 Principles (founded and shared by Sydney Banks), which has continued to help me transform my life and be of service to others moving back to seeing and feeling their well-being and wisdom. This understanding is infused into my coaching practice in service to people moving down a simple path to a quiet mind and peaceful heart.

Working with me



Fresh Thinking

6 months of Coaching

During the 6 months, we will look at how you can approach life from a more relaxed space so you can connect to fresh thinking.


In today's society, moving fast and producing quickly is respected greatly. Yet, this way of existing can create anxiety, heightened levels of stress, health issues, and being dissatisfied with life in general.


Fresh thinking comes from a space of quieting the thoughts/mind and listening to your wisdom.


I will support you in accessing this space so you can create the new experiences you are looking for in life. 

Mentorship Program

Relaxed Mind, Infinite Possibilities 


9 months of Coaching 

 You will see as you take steps forward,  life often will show you a leap into your greatness.


You can take this leap with ease, grace and courage. This comes from a space of relaxed minds, looking in the direction of possibilities and seeing your well-being. 


By taking the leap you move deeper into you dreams/goals.


Over the 9 months you will receive steadfast support and guidance through the coaching in service to up leveling your life. 


I offer a unique style of coaching and training to businesses and organizations in service to them running more efficiently and effectively as a cohesive team.


This is in the form of an educational learning platform to help the leaders and those working with them to relax the stirred up thinking and move into the flow of creativity, seeing creative solutions, and fresh thinking.


In turn, each person can experience productivity from a relaxed mind and a natural organic flow. 



"Dawn is amazing! With every meeting my heart and mind opens. And my life becomes richer than I ever imagined it could be. I’m grateful every day for her keen insight and for her love, humor,  guidance and support."

—  Julie Blade

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